Allen-Bradley 2711E-K10C6
Allen-Bradley 2711E-K10C6
Item# Allen-Bradley-2711E-K10C6

Product Description

The Allen-Bradley 2711E-K10C6 is a PanelView 1000e, Keypad, 10.4 inch Color Flat Panel Display, Clip Mount, NEMA Type 4X (indoor only) with DH+ and Remote I/O Communications.

Alternate Part Listing: allenbradley2711ek10c6 AllenBradley2711EK10C6 2711E-K10C6 2711EK10C6 2711ek10c6 allen bradley-2711e-k10c6 allenbradley 2711e-k10c6 allen bradley 2711e-k10c6 allen bradley 2711e k10c6 allen bradley 2711ek10c6 allen bradley 2711ek10c6 Allen Bradley-2711e-k10c6 AllenBradley 2711e-k10c6 Allen Bradley 2711e-k10c6 Allen Bradley 2711e k10c6 Allen Bradley 2711ek10c6 Allen-Bradley2711e-k10c6

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