Textile-Specific Capabilities

Textile-Specific Capabilities
Textile-Specific Capabilities
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Product Description

Please note: The listing below certainly does not indicate all of the Textile-specific manufacturers with which we have experience and support. Indeed, in over 23 years of service, we have probably already worked on the same equipment as yours, even the non-Textile electronics equipment, regardless of the particular manufacturer.

Our set up and equipment allows for testing and evaluating these textile related devices.

ASR Static Monitor

Analogic AN5315

Appalachian Fader Board 7824

Appalachian Indicator Module

Appalachian Motor Sensor

Appalachian Power Supply 7979

Appalachian Pulse Generator 6914-180

Appalachian Tension Control 7995

Appalachian Warper P/N 7996C

Argus A500K Board

Argus Fire Control Board

Argus Power Loss Card

Argus-Bell/Buzz Card

Aros A462-B

Aros A926-B

Banner 4535C

Barber-Colman Creel Stop Motion

Barco B569459

Bently Nevada Control Board

Bently Nevada Power Supply

Berger Picanol BE93301

Booth Card Board

Carrier HK35E2002

Chiquala Blackbox Adapter

Comet Communications Fixture

Comet Loom Pat A

Computrol 96-4

Computrol 380-1

Computrol 390-3

Computrol 392-2

Computrol 416-2

Computrol 417-2

Computrol 465-1

Computrol 488

CSI Analog Board

CSI Motherboard

Curtis Go-Joe Control Board

Cutler-Hammer D100 PC Adapter

Cutler-Hammer D120PM33

Cutler-Hammer 120 Vac Output

Cutler-Hammer Stepper

DCA Temperature Control

Delavan 43554

DJ Drawframe Watchdog Board

Dwyer Magnehelic

EG & G Torgue System Door Overload Sensor

ESI Model LM-R3

ESI Transducer

Eagle Timer Timing Disk

Edwards Fire Alarm

Elco Servo Pack

Electrical South PCA101-01

Electronics (Brand) Yarn Sensor


Eltex SFW-11E

Eltex 21E

Eltex 15130J

Eltrol 90-094

Eltrol 90-121 SM4

Eltrol 576

Eltrol 580

Encoder Simulator

Fail Safe Power Supply

Fincor 3120 Drive

Fincor 60208

Fincor 1046234 Field Power Supply

Fincor 10553301

Fire Eye Flame Monitor EB700

Fire Eye Sensor

Foxboro Humidity Controller

Fuji FFVR004K5-2WD

Fuji F70961212

GE Inverter Load Assembly

GE Photo Eye

GE Programmer

GE Pulse Generator


GTC Photo Board

GTC Stop Motion

HK Systems Relay Board


IRO A 42240

IRO Feeder Button Assembly

IRO Inverter To Loom

IRO Motherboard A270

Ingolstadt 0135 307

Inotec Computer

Intercolor DRL Action Board

Irmo Board

Irmo Drive Control BD Power Adapter

KNT Board

Knotex DS-220

Lenze Bottom Board

Lenze Top Board

Lindly 14368

Lindly 14370-5

Lindly 14371-1

Lindly 14464

Lindly 14469

Loepfe CH8623

Loepfe SFW-L

Loepfe SFW-Logic

Loepfe 35188-020/010

Loepfe Head

Mitek 4010150

Motorola NTN 4849A

Murata A41-40900-63

Murata PM914C Knotter Board

Murata 7CF-E0002-60

Murata 7D2-75000-61

Murata 7D3

Murata 008-E2110-61

Murata 008-E63600-52

Murata 008-71000-68

Murata 008-78340-62

Murata 801-9901A-61

Murata 801-9907A-50

Murata 801-9908B-50

Murata 801-9920A-60

Murata 801-95230-62

Murata 801-95380-61

Murata 801-95510-50

Murata 801-97860-63

Murata 801-97890-02

Murata 801-98010-61

Murata 801-98050-62

Murata 801-98180-61

Murata 801-98370-51

Murata 801-98380-50

Murata 801-99020-61

Murata 801-99100-61

Murata 850-N1000-50

Murata Data Collection Unit

Murata Intelligence Analyzer

Murata Ribbon Cutter

Murata Seletex

Murata Spinning Motor Control

Omron C10 154820

Omron C200H-00211 Output

Omron C2000H-1D212

Omron CP10

Omron SCYM5R-CPU85

Orient Control Pack

PCF HYB Tester

Pal 16L8 Decoder

Parametrics 1002816

Parametrics 600048D

Picanol AISE

Picanol AUT-S/EPZC-3

Picanol BE93381

Picanol BE151693 Power Unit

Picanol BOD-1

Picanol CPU-3

Picanol CPUX-1 BE93607

Picanol DPSKS-1

Picanol DTS-1

Picanol GDLP

Picanol INV

Picanol IRO

Picanol KDR/P

Picanol KISG-1

Picanol KISP-F2

Picanol KLMST-2

Picanol PRA TJ-1

Picanol PRC/OC-1

Picanol PWRPS Mosfet Tester

Picanol PWRPS SUP Board

Picanol PWRPS-1

Picanol PWRPS-1 AC to DC Power Supply

Picanol SMPS-3

Picanol SPU

Picanol SUP-3 Power Supply

Picanol TIK-1

Picanol Comet Motor

Picanol Cutter Motor Tools

Picanol Display Board

Picanol Encoder

Picanol Encoder Tools

Picanol Feeler Head

Picanol Let Off

Psion Package Scanner

Quadrature Encoder (Picanol, others)

RS Electronik 18178/18179

Reed Chatwood TEW-2-1

Reese Electronics

Reflex Model 213Reiter ARBO

Reiter BE364 Head Shock I/O Board

Reiter EKMP/2

Reiter 016Z142

Reiter 850-591/2

Reiter 850-859/4

Reliance BCCC 0-51818-2 Direct Converter

Reliance CLDK 0-51865-9 Current Loop Module

Reliance CLRA 0-52824 Current Loop Regulator

Reliance CRCF 0-51851-5 Control Regulator

Reliance CRCG 0-51851-6 Control Regulator

Reliance CVTG 0-51831-6 Current Module

Reliance FCCA 0-51893 Field Control

Reliance FVCC 0-52803-2 Frequency Board

Reliance IRCP 0-51839-13 Relay Card

Reliance SSCC 0-51874-2 Static Sequence

Reliance VLDB 0-51847-1 Voltage Level Detector Board

Reliance 0-57051 Position Loop Kit

Reliance 0-57100 Regulator Control Logic

Reliance 0-57160 Regulator Board

Reliance Flex Pack

Reliance Resolver CD

Ruti 392161

Ruti 392167

Ruti 392521

Ruti 392537 MTU

Ruti 392607 Brake/Clutch

Ruti 393202

Rytec Door Alarm

SSD 5401 Field Controller

Saco-Lowell 222-370-1A

Saia PCA2-E1

Sanio Door Opener

Scantex 021683

Scharer 10362

Scharer Winder

Schlafhorst 107-023-673B

Schlafhorst 107-033-400F

Schlafhorst 117-650-241

Schlafhorst 117-655-144F

Schlafhorst 117-655-577

Schlafhorst 138-055-111F

Schlafhorst 138-635-009

Schlafhorst 138-650-005

Schlafhorst 138-650-102

Schlafhorst 138-650-133

Schlafhorst 138-650-165F

Schlafhorst 138-650-169

Schlafhorst 138-650-210F

Schlafhorst 138-650-211F

Schlafhorst 138-655-002

Schlafhorst 138-655-006

Schlafhorst 138-655-008

Schlafhorst 138-655-140

Schlafhorst 138-656-405

Schlafhorst 138-656-461

Schlafhorst 138-656-524

Schlafhorst Photo Cell

Seletex 111A

Seletex 9137B Head

Seletex 9137C

Seletex 9237

Seletex Control Box

Seletex Small Head

Seletex Yarn Motion Control

Sentra 2000 Temperature Control

Shibaura Motor

Sick Eye Transmitter

Solher Airtex

Somet D45

Somet SM050

Somet SM210

Somet SM220

Somet SM230

Somet SM240

Somet SM250

Somet SM260

Somet SM270

Somet SM290

Somet 010

Strandberg LLC101

Strandberg 100-1001B

Strandberg 3447 Moisture Monitor

Stuber Warper Stop Motion

Sulzer EST-13

Sulzer FGS20

Sulzer GS-13

Sulzer GS-33

Sulzer KAF50

Sulzer KAF202 Motor and Cables

Sulzer KNT Logic

Sulzer KNT Power

Sulzer KNT Top Board

Sulzer MTM-12

Sulzer NTM-11

Sulzer PFR-12

Sulzer PFR-21

Sulzer PS L5300 A9929-496A

Sulzer SFW-11

Sulzer WAL-12

Sulzer WIS-12

Sulzer XCB1XY

Sulzer 392097 Timer

Sulzer 392608

Sulzer 392924

Sulzer 392928

Sulzer 393645

Sulzer Master Board 2 Beam

Sulzer Master Board Single Beam

Technomatex Black Box 100 Watt

Technomatex Black Box 200 Watt

Technomatex Black Box 300 Watt

Toyo EK 21118B

Toyo EK 21121A

Toyo EK 21123 16 IO

Toyo EK 21173 H-265

Toyo EK 21305A

Toyoda A Board

Toyoda B Board

Toyoda C Board

Toyoda E Board

Toyoda JJ946H6-PBBA-F

Toyoda JJ946H6-PBB02A

Toyoda Encoder Simulator

Toyoda Feeler Head

Toyoda Shaft Encoder

Truetzschler BER5

Truetzschler BRE1

Truetzschler EFK 32

Truetzschler ESUE2

Truetzschler RAKI

Truetzschler RIK 5 E 9-495-14.235.001

Truetzschler ZEL-A2

Truetzschler 452-17.331.000 RBT 2

Truetzschler 492-28430-000

Tsudakoma APR Sensor Board

Tsudakoma APR Sensor 626550AA17933

Tsudakoma CACR-A5A5-TF1B Motor

Tsudakoma CACR-05-TF2E Bottom Board

Tsudakoma Dexter Head Amp 617273/TS116C

Tsudakoma Dropper AMP C69106

Tsudakoma Dropper 669106

Tsudakoma ELO Servo

Tsudakoma ELO-3

Tsudakoma Encoder TS1381N

Tsudakoma EPC-A2

Tsudakoma EPC-3

Tsudakoma FCU3

Tsudakoma FU203

Tsudakoma Hybrid MA3591

Tsudakoma INV3

Tsudakoma PCU II

Tsudakoma Pump CPU

Tsudakoma SBS

Tsudakoma SQC 3623D-TK2C4-V1

Tsudakoma SU Board

Tsudakoma SVU3

Tsudakoma SVU3-2

Tsudakoma WBS

Tsudakoma 3G23D-TK2C3-V3 SQC Input/Output

Tsudakoma 626551

Tsudakoma Encoder

Tsudakoma Jet Loom Sensor

Tsudakoma Laser

Tsudakoma Sulzer Ruti Feeler Heads

Tsudakoma Timing Board

Uster D4-MC-SLMT

Uster LSM1 Loom Monitor

Uster MSO

Uster NAM/C-AC Adapter


Uster 300 Aux Board

Uster 400 Aux Board 263619

Uster Control Cabinet Model 1

Uster Drawn Machine Photo Control 61885.00102

Uster Power Supply

Uster Power Supply (Winder)

Uster Transducer

Whitin Roberts Spinning Frame PLC Upgrade to Omron PLC

Zell 3-613-764

Zinser 3-967-00-1270

Zinser 3-967-00-1280

Zinser 3-967-00-1300

Zinser Clock Card 967.02.0820-967.02.0840

Zinser Draw Frame Clock

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